How did Atelier100 start?

Can I still apply for the Atelier100 programme?

Where can I find the Atelier100 store?

How long will the Atelier100 be in Livat, Hammersmith?

Can I sell my products in the Atelier100 store?

Why 100km from Trafalgar Square?

What about sustainability?

How often do you change the products in the Atelier100 store?

What events will you be holding at the store?

I have an idea for Atelier100, what do I do?

Can I be part of the Atelier100 team?

Atelier100 is championing independent creatives, makers and manufacturers with interesting and original concepts. We want to spotlight local design and production, so all our collaborators are based within 100km of Central London. All the products on our website are for sale at the Atelier100 store in Hammersmith, London.