About Atelier100

What is Atelier100?

Who initiated this project and why?

Why 100km from central London?

Is Atelier100 only happening in London?

What is Atelier100's approach to sustainability?

The open call

What sort of products are you interested in?

How developed does my product idea need to be?

What is the selection process for the Atelier100 programme?

Do I need to be an established creative to apply?

What if I’m a manufacturer or workshop rather than an individual designer or maker?

The programme

What's in it for me, if I get through?

What time commitment is needed?

How does the funding element of Atelier100 work?

Are there any grants for living expenses?

Is there a charge to participate in the programme?

Who owns the intellectual property (IP) rights to products created?

How much of any product sales do I get?

How long will Atelier100 retain the right to be the sole retailer for my product?

Will I have a contract?

The store

Where can I find the Atelier100 store?

Can I sell my products in the Atelier100 store?

How often do you change the products in the Atelier100 store?

What events will you be holding at the store?


I have an idea for Atelier100, what do I do?

Can I be part of the Atelier100 team?