Open Call
In 2022 and 2023, we invited creatives based within 100km to join our open calls – and the entries didn’t disappoint. Product designers, fashion designers and makers applied in their droves, with successful applicants joining our Atelier100 Cohorts. To date, we have been lucky to work with over 30 emerging talents from many different disciplines.Atelier100 alumni have since been commissioned by museums and galleries and have been featured by top publications as emerging designers to watch. Learn more about them and discover their creations for the cohorts
Our Drops
Designed in collaboration with our talented Cohorts, Atelier100 has successfully launched two collections paying homage to all things London.Drop01, named 'Made of London', was developed with Atelier100's inaugural 2022 Cohort of 13 creatives. Our subsequent collection, Drop02, named 'London made Local', was produced by our second Cohort in 2023, a 22-strong collective of London-based designers and studios.Each small-batch product is a masterpiece of local design that encapsulates the city's authentic essence and rich heritage.Explore the Atelier100 archive here
Atelier100 Offline
2023 was packed full of amazing milestones. In September, we successfully launched Drop02 in our temporary showroom in Hackney during London Design Festival and London Fashion Week, before releasing it for sale at our store in Hammersmith. Later in the year, we opened our winter shop in Covent Garden, which was warmly met by the community.As we ventured into the new year, January 2024 brought another exciting chapter when our second Cohort ventured to Sweden to visit the headquarters of our founding partners, Ingka Group and H&M.