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About the Atelier

Atelier100 is an entirely new concept, driven by a collective of creatives, makers, manufacturers and design industry experts. Established to bring the focus back towards the merits of local design and local production, Atelier100 gives agency to ideas that might otherwise have remained in limbo.

The initiative combines masterclasses in business know-how, 1-2-1 mentoring sessions and the opportunity for successful applicants to bring their original concepts to life. Every product made will be available to buy at the Atelier100 store, which promises to be an entirely new type of retail reality. The multifunctional space will also act as the hub for the Atelier100 creative community - a place where they can get the support they need to nurture and develop independent brands of their own.

At the root of Atelier100, there is a strong commitment towards recognising the holistic benefits of building local networks, where creatives and makers can unite, connect and work together to make sustainable, commercial products. This unique initiative has been established by H&M and Ingka Group (the largest IKEA franchisee) to help inspire people to bring their innovative ideas to life.

All products created as a result of the programme will be available to buy at the Atelier100 retail space in London.

About the Atelier100 Retail Space

The Atelier100 London store is a multi-functional space in Hammersmith. A brand-new retail reality with the capacity for workshops and co-working areas, every item available for sale has been designed and produced within 100km of central London.

An uplifting, energising environment for shoppers and creatives alike, the Atelier100 retail space brings the focus towards championing local talent and local manufacturing. Every product has been brought to life by individuals who live and work locally, which gives the store a very specific resonance. Here at the atelier, we like to celebrate the minds and ideas of creatives, makers and manufacturers. With design industry support, we are bringing unique, brilliant products to London and its tourists, whilst building new networks to help future-proof the Atelier100 community.


About the Atelier100 Community

What about creatives, makers and manufacturers who missed the open call but would like the opportunity to sell their products in the Atelier100 Hammersmith space? Please get in touch. If you have a ready-made product you think would align with the other items available, we would still love to hear about your ideas.

Although you will not have access to the 1-2-1 mentorship programme or the workshops, you will still benefit from being part of the Atelier100 community.

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Atelier100 is championing independent creatives, makers and manufacturers with interesting and original concepts. We want to spotlight local design and production, so all our collaborators are based within 100km of Central London. All the products on our website are for sale at the Atelier100 store in Hammersmith, London.