The ideas factory has delivered.

Drop01 is here.


When the Atelier100 ideas factory called for locally made products in April 2022, hundreds of London’s creatives and designers answered.

Thirteen chosen artists – fashion designers, sculptors, carpenters and makers – dreamed up designs for forever pieces woven with stories of the city.


After a summer of designing, making and manufacturing within 100km of London, the Atelier100 Drop01 has now arrived online and in our Hammersmith store. These products are icons of the city and represent our initiative to nurture and support local ideas, local people and local production.

Shop the Made of London collection

Lights that shine bright. Chairs that bend and flow. Vases made from the clay beneath our feet. Drop01 has it all. London’s spirit, humour and creative flair is woven throughout every product that has emerged from Atelier100’s inaugural programme. These are no ordinary design objects – they’re a slice of the city.

The limited collection is now exclusively available in the Atelier100 Hammersmith store and online from early November. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know and act now before the collection sells out.

Meet the makers

Atelier100 creatives come from a variety of design backgrounds. What connects them is their drive to turn ideas into retail reality.

Investing in the future

From the start, we wanted to build a community of creatives and makers; a place where they could connect, collaborate and create a collection of sustainable, commercial objects. We see Atelier100 as a space where hyperlocal production can become a reality, nurturing ideas and emerging talent within design and fashion through grants, mentorship and business development.


Get involved

Join us at the Atelier100 store in Hammersmith for shopping, workshops, talks and networking events with London’s creative community.

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Atelier100 is championing independent creatives, makers and manufacturers with interesting and original concepts. We want to spotlight local design and production, so all our collaborators are based within 100km of Central London. All the products on our website are for sale at the Atelier100 store in Hammersmith, London.